Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Jack

"J    A    C    K 3 that's me" is now a four year old!  We had several celebrations along the way. First a birthday breakfast with Tim and Kathi...

 Then a family breakfast birthday celebration on his actual birthday

 And a birthday dinner with our dear friends, the Wilhoits! 

Happy Birthday J A C K 4!  You are so loved.  This year you learned to swim, to use the potty (swimming with no life jacket actually came before learning to use the're just really athletic and your mom is a slacker...thus the order of those) and you learned to ride your bike with no training wheels!  You are learning your letter sounds now and I have a hunch you'll be reading this time next year.  I've enjoyed watching your friendships develop.  You're a kind friend and God has given you a generous and loving heart.  My deep prayer for you, sweet Jack, is that you would trust in Jesus and that he would grow you, year by year, into the man he wants you to be.    He loves you.  He sees you.  And he gave his life so that you can truly live.  Happy Birthday to my oldest son, a boy who brings  much delight to his momma! 


Mammanett said...

Happy birthday Jack-e-boya! We love you!
MammaNette & PapaDan & Aunt Katie

kacki said...

Happy birthday sweet boy! Kacki and Poopaw love you very much!

Carmen said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! Your Tennessee family sends superhero greetings!